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ECP Utility Adds USA to Representative Network

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Date: May 21, 2012
Earth Contact Products (ECP) is pleased to announce that Utility Service Agency, Wake Forest, NC. has been appointed to represent ECP Utility in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Coop’s and REA’s in West Virginia and SMECO in Maryland.
ECP is a USA made, guy anchor manufacturer for both the Transmission and Distribution markets. From Power Installed, Rock Anchors and Bust Anchors to Square Bar and Round Shaft Anchors, ECP Utility provides Electric Utilities and their Distribution networks the highest quality products and services. ECP also provides training and education programs for linemen and engineering departments to train end-users on the design and installation of anchors and their applications.
Please contact Utility Service Agency (USA) for further information. The sales contact information for this area now is:
David Cooke    919-556-6131
Jim Cooke        919-723-7701
Don Bowden    803-730-6463
Brett Bruton    919-906-3677
Conrad Stuntz  919-556-6131
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with Utility Service Agency in your area to provide the highest level of service you have come to expect. You also can learn more about ECP at or call 800-325-9375.

Earth Contact Products Receives RUS Approval for Guy Screw Anchors

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ECP guy anchors approved by Rural Utility Service



Olathe, KS -- April 15, 2011 – Helical guy anchor manufacturer, ECP receives approval from the Rural Utility Service for guy wire anchors. With more than 60 years of experience, the USDA Rural Development Electric Programs have found that electric utility construction, operation, and maintenance are best when high-quality, long-lasting materials are used.

“The RUS testing and approval process was two of the steps that we have taken at ECP Utility to gain acceptance among electric utility companies around the country” said Jeff Tully, President and GM of Earth Contact Products. He then added “This (RUS approvals) along with our in house testing program and NEETRAC testing has made ECP Utility an important factor in the utility anchoring  and pole line hardware business”. Because the quality of materials is so important to program objectives, the Electric Programs continue to require that borrowers observe Electric Programs standards and use Technical Standards Committee “A” (Electric) accepted products on their systems whether they use RUS loan funds, other sources of financing assistance, or their own general funds.

ECP Utility provided testing results for guy screw anchors that were monitored and approved by an independent, RUS approved, professional engineering firm. These test results were then submitted to the RUS board for their final approval, which came on 4/12/2011. The rigorous testing requirements determine anchor capacity in various soils under various loading conditions. ECP’s guy anchors now can be used on all RUS funded projects by cooperative and municipalities across the country.

ECP Utility has a full line of electric utility anchoring products including square bar guy anchors, power installed anchors, round shaft tower anchors, solar foundation anchors, expanding anchors, no-wrench anchors and pole line hardware. This product mix is in addition to the civil construction ground anchoring products and foundation repair products offered by ECP.

For information: or
Phone: 800-325-9325



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ECP Utility is the Very Best anchor manufacturer for the electric utility industry. Our guy anchoring systems are of the highest quality in the industry and are made in the USA. Do not accept foreign products on your next project, demand ECP Utility guy anchoring products.

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